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A Protocol for MIT Admissions Essays by Lydia K. ’14, MEng ’16

A Protocol for MIT Admissions Essays by Lydia K. ’14, MEng ’16

Chemical SOP: Pen, paper: irritant if digested; Brains: gateway to thinking

September 26, 2012


I adore composing. I like building on thoughts I can’t place terms to, reading them straight right back, and rewriting them until they feel real. I favor comprehending that I’ve said one thing i possibly couldn’t say before and feeling like I’ve grasped an emotion that is new.

Admissions essays are intimidating. You’re condensing four years into 250-word essays. To accomplish as your own person that you have to understand and acknowledge yourself and your growth, say goodbye to this stage of your life, and understand yourself. People whom read the application will understand you in method you do not have understood your self.

  • Alignment with MIT’s objective to help make the global globe a far better spot
  • Collaborative and cooperative character
  • Initiative
  • Risk-taking, or resilience additionally the willingness and ability to take care of failure
  • Hands-on imagination
  • Intensity, fascination, and excitement, also called passion
  • The capability to balance your coursework with increased interesting things, like labwork, hobbies, and rest
  • Being truly a good individual

Simply put, MIT really wants to see from your own application which you

    are academically qualified to deal with the MIT curriculum. This part’s easy and simple. It ought to be covered because of the >Think exactly how the options you have made throughout senior school mirror these characteristics. Many of them are generally in the job: the classes you took, the grades you have, as well as your extracurricular activities. Consider what the social people you asked for suggestion letters might state regarding how you communicate with your peers and instructors, and exactly what your interviewer might state as to what you’re like face-to-face. Continue reading

Defining thesis topics for undergraduate students

Defining thesis topics for undergraduate students

With regards to the requirements of one’s institution, undergraduate students may need a thesis to graduate. The thesis is optional, and students can chose between an exam or a thesis in some institutions.

If you’re an innovative new university professor, you may possibly give overly ambitious topics to your undergraduate thesis students. Make an effort to place yourself within their shoes before you try to simply plug a student in just one of your research projects. You cannot simply shove off part of your research to an undergraduate student while I do think including undergraduate these students in research projects can be very beneficial (for the project as well as for the student.

I have, by now, directed a number of undergraduate thesis projects at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (12 students have graduated under my supervision), and I can share my best advice to you here on the best way to define a great thesis topic for an undergraduate student.

Research study

Because of the short duration of an undergraduate thesis, a case study can be an excellent topic for a thesis. Should your student is likely to go to the industry after graduation, then an instance study may serve his/her needs more than an investigation topic. It is possible to identify a case that fits within your current research projects to help keep the outcome linked to your work, but it’s not a necessity. Again, don’t assume all student must do / wants to do / needs to do an investigation project because of their undergraduate thesis.

Well-defined research study

Then you may find yourself in a enjoyable position if you do want to venture into research with an undergraduate student, and you have talked through the options very well and clearly with your student. Continue reading